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Welcome to the Introduction to Commercial Shipping course, presented by Callum Beaumont, former shipbroker and Founder of specialist Digital and Commercial Shipping recruitment agency, Cordell Beaumont. This on-demand learning platform is perfect for students, mariners, and shore-based professionals looking to gain foundation-level knowledge of the commercial shipping industry. Considering a Career in Shipbroking? This course could be perfect for you and will give you the competitive edge to land your Shipbroking Job. Working in a maritime technology company and looking for an easy-to-understand, high-level overview of Commercial Shipping markets, then this course is for you. 

Student Testimonials

“Callum's intro to commercial shipping course is perfect for our new starters + some of our existing team who needed an overview of what our customers do! Highly Recommend. ”

CCO, Maritime Software Co.

“Very satisfied. Good Value for Money. A great insight into the industry. ”

MSc. Student looking to become a shipbroker

“Our employees trialed the course and thought it was very impressive, just what they are looking for to give new and existing teammates basics to be able to understand our customer markets. We will be rolling this out. ”

VP Product, Maritime Software Co

“Thank you! Best short course on shipping fundamentals. ”

Looking for Shipbroker Job

“I'm a .NET Developer from Poland. Great cours! Helped me understand my company products better! Recommend. ”

Software Engineer

Course curriculum

    1. Disclaimer

    2. About your Course

    3. Meet your Instructor

    1. Dry Cargo Market Overview

    2. Oil Tanker Market Overview

    3. Container Liner Market Overview

    4. Gas (LNG/LPG) Market Overview

    5. Chapter 1 Quiz

    1. Dry Cargo / Bulk Carrier Types and Sizes

    2. Goods Carried on Dry Cargo Vessels

    3. Tanker Vessels (Crude & Clean) Types and Sizes

    4. Goods Carried on Tanker Vessels

    5. Chemical Tanker Vessel Types and Sizes

    6. Gas (LNG/LPG) Vessel Types and Sizes

    7. Container Liner Types and Sizes

    8. Chapter 2 Quiz

    1. Difference Between Shipowners & Shipmanagers

    2. Typical Shipowner Company Structures

    3. How Shipowners Generate Revenue

    4. Main Shipowner Expenses

    5. Vessels Operations & Post-Fixture

    6. Crew Management

    7. Chartering Teams

    8. Chapter 3 Quiz

    1. Sale & Purchase

    2. Chartering

    3. Operations / Post-Fixture

    4. Demurrage / Claims Analysis

    5. Market Analysis

    6. Chapter 4 Quiz

    1. Chartering Overview

    2. Commodity Traders

    3. Oil Majors

    4. Energy Traders

    5. Chapter 5 Quiz

About this course

  • £249.00
  • 49 lessons
  • Bite-sized video content
  • On-demand learning
  • Certificate upon Completion

Also included in the course:

  • Commercial Shipping Contracts

    Time Charter Parties, Norwegian Sales Form, Bill of Lading

  • Class, Flag States, Maritime Policy

    Classification Societies, Ship Registry, Maritime Policy and the role of the IMO, P&I

  • Multiple-Choice Quizzes

    Achieve at least 70% on each of our end-of-chapter quizzes to progress through the course

Fast-track your Commercial Shipping skills

Course Instructor

Callum Beaumont

Founder, Cordell Beaumont

Callum is the Founder of Cordell Beaumont Ltd, a specialist search and recruitment agency for the digital and commercial shipping space, and the host of the successful podcast, Maritime SoftwareHub. Callum started his career as a Sale and Purchase shipbroker, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and mother, who also had successful careers in shipbroking. Callum went on to run talent acquisition projects for shipbroking giant, Clarksons between 2015 and 2019, scaling digital sales, vessel operations, market analysis and shipbroking teams. He then started up Cordell Beaumont in 2019 and has now helped well over 500+ professionals secure career-enhancing roles across Tech Sales, Shipbroking, Product Management, Marketing, Research, Vessel Operations and Leadership.

Employers, upskill your new starters and existing team with this on-demand, fully-remote, information packed course.

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    None of our courses require any previous experience. Making them perfect for newcomers, students, or experienced professionals.

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    All of our courses are on demand. Meaning once the course is live you can log in and start learning whenever you like. You can then save your progress and continue when you wish to.

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    Typically it will take around 2 to 3 hours to complete our courses in one go. Alternatively, you can start and stop your courses at any time by saving your progress and logging back in at a later time.